Today we’re lucky to have the first chapter of The Dark Horizon by WiO member Liz Harris. Born in London, Liz moved to California after university and now lives in Oxfordshire. She is the author of seven novels and is interested in the theatre, reading and cryptic crosswords. To find out more about Liz and her novels visit her website at:

Here’s a short introduction to Liz’s forthcoming novel The Dark Horizon. You can read the first chapter by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

The Dark Horizon

Oxfordshire, 1919

The instant that Lily Brown and Robert Linford set eyes on each other, they fall in love. The instant that Robert’s father, Joseph, head of the family’s successful building company, set eyes on Lily, he feels a deep distrust of her. 

Convinced that his new daughter-in-law is a gold-digger, and that Robert’s feelings are a youthful infatuation he’d come to regret, Joseph resolves to do whatever it takes to rid his family of Lily. And he doesn’t care what that is.

As Robert and Lily are torn apart, the Linford family is told a lie that will have devastating consequences for years to come.


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